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Elementary West Building Access

Posted Date: 11/30/2018

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Beginning Monday, December 3 the school office will be moved to the new addition accessed from the parking lot.  The old main entrance will be permanently locked and unavailable for use. From 7:15 am - 7:50 am the front main door (door number 1) will be unlocked for everyone to enter the school and all other doors will be locked.  Once school starts at 7:50 all doors will be locked. If you need to access the office, please use the call button by the new main entrance. Be prepared to provide your name and how we may assist you before you will be granted access to enter the building. Please be patient as our staff might be on the phone or dealing with another issue and will get to you when they can.  


Any student who arrives after 7:50 to school must have an adult enter the building with them and sign them in.  Please do not send your child to the door by themselves after 7:50. The office closes at 4:00 pm and there will be nobody monitoring the door.  If your child is involved with an after-school activity (Campus Kids, Cheerleading, etc.) you will need to contact the sponsor of the activity if you need to get in contact with your child before the activity is over.


Thank you for your help with drop off and pick up in the parking lot.  Please remember that the drop off lane should only be used by students who can enter and exit the car quickly and without assistance.  If your child takes a while to get situated in their car seat or you have to assist them with that, please park in a parking stall. When using a parking stall, for the safety of your child, please escort them to our crossing guard to make sure they navigate the parking lot safely.  


While in the loading lane please do not exit your car.  Pull up as far as you can so that other cars can pull up behind you.  If cars get backed up to Ross please make sure that you do not block the crosswalk or Ross.  If necessary feel free to pull up past the line and park in the parking lot. We appreciate all of your patience and understanding with the new procedures!


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