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Early Childhood Education (Pre-K)

Enrollment Open!

We are now accepting Early Childhood Education applications for the 2024-2025 school year.
Students mix and stir slime.
Students mix and stir slime.
With a full-time occupational therapist on site, students practice motor skills.
With a full-time occupational therapist on site, students practice motor skills.
Building with blocks and working together provides a fun moment in preschool.
Building with blocks and working together provides a fun moment in preschool.
Backpack check for show and tell items.
Backpack check for show and tell items.
A student shows his drone to his classmates.
A student shows his drone to his classmates.
"I love our preschool program at Clearwater Elementary! Our daughter has really enjoyed making new friends, going on a field trip to the pumpkin patch, and working on mastering skills. Their classroom is a fun and inviting atmosphere and she looks forward to going every day."
Clearwater Resident Jayme Emery

Application and Admission

Admission is limited and not all students who apply will be accepted. Parents/guardians seeking admission for their student must complete an application for admission prior to April 15th. All students should complete an early childhood screening before the start of school. This is available through the Goddard Special Education Cooperative at 316-794-4000. Selection of students for the following school year will be made based upon applications received by the deadline. Late applications will only be considered if there are openings. 

Program Hours

Pre-K has a morning and afternoon session four days a week. Hours are from 7:30-10:50 and from 11:40-3:00, Tuesday - Friday during the USD 264 calendar school year. 

Program Fees

While much of the cost of the Pre-K program is paid for by grants, there is also a fee each month. Fees are subject to change with last year’s fees being $110.00 per month. Students who qualify for free or reduced lunches also qualify for reduced fees if a waiver is signed.

Program Format

The Pre-K program at Elementary West is fully integrated with the Preschool Early Childhood Special Education program. The two programs are housed in one classroom with additional spaces available for computer usage, motor learning, small group activities, and speech/language services.

Quality Program Indicators 

The Pre-K program at Clearwater Elementary West is constantly evolving based upon the needs of each student enrolled. Consistent with our beliefs, we strive to teach each student in the manner in which they learn. The curriculum is evaluated for effectiveness and modified as needed. 

Pre-K students at Elementary West are educated in whole group and small group settings. The teaching staff has meticulously planned a rotation schedule that includes motor group activities, music, physical education, library, computer-based instruction, literacy, reading, math, and more. Students are exposed to a variety of teaching styles and instructional materials in these rotations with the intent to stimulate interest and curiosity and to maximize learning time. 

Students are assessed utilizing several nationally normed diagnostic and screening tools. An assessment is utilized as a cumulative assessment and is given in a pre/post format to assess growth. We also use a developmental diagnostic tool utilized with struggling learners when making qualification and placement decisions for intervention and special education placement.  

Program Outcome

The Pre-K program at Clearwater Elementary West is designed to provide students with the skills necessary to be successful in kindergarten and beyond. The program's foundation reflects research-based instruction in the areas of cognition, social-emotional development, communication, and motor skill. We believe that early intervention programs provide students with a strong foundation for increased achievement by providing them access to quality instruction and curriculum as early as possible.

Expected Student Outcome: Students transitioning from the Pre-K program at Clearwater Elementary West will enter kindergarten ready to succeed!  


English Language Arts - Recognize letters and their corresponding sounds, matching beginning sounds to words, and identify rhyming words 
Math - Numbers to 30. Identify numbers to 13. Count numbers to 30. Correspond objects to 13 
Writing - We utilize the Handwriting Without Tears curriculum. Writing of student’s name, numbers, and letters
Social Skills - Listening, taking turns, empathy for others, following directions, preparing to become kindergarten students

Parent Involvement

Parents are encouraged to be actively involved in their children’s education at Elementary West. A variety of opportunities are offered for parents of Pre-K students to be involved. Working cooperatively with parents is a benefit to both students and staff. We work diligently to maintain positive and productive working relationships with the parents of all of our students.


In promotion of a seamless transition from early childhood education to kindergarten, Elementary West has several procedures in place. All incoming kindergarten students and their parents are invited to an evening where policies and procedures are explained. Transition meetings are held as needed with the Pre-K staff and receiving kindergarten teachers to prepare for the following school year.

Non-Discrimination Policy

Parents or guardians of any student seeking enrollment in the Pre-K program at Elementary West must complete an enrollment application. Applications are screened and students with identified risk factors are enrolled in the program first. Applicants without identified risk factors are then granted admission as space is available. Program enrollment is based upon risk factors identified through the application process.