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Welcome back to school

Posted Date: 08/27/2020

Welcome back to school

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year, we are excited to have the opportunity to work with your child this year.  While we are all continuing to deal with a global pandemic, we know that now is the time to invest in your child’s education and learning.  In July, a Navigating Change committee of approximately 50 parents, teachers, and community members started planning for this school year knowing that school will look different.  That committee has helped us to identify our priorities for the year. 

  • Students come first - They must feel safe and comfortable

  • Safety of all students and staff

  • Personal contact with every student

  • Focus on academic progress


You can learn more about our district’s Returning to Learning Plan on the district website.  Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to work with your child.  Our dedicated staff and your positive support of Clearwater Elementary West is what makes our school great!


Classroom Assignment


Please check your email for your child’s classroom assignment.  


School Visitors 


While traditionally we love to have visitors at school, during this time, for the safety of all students, we must limit visitors inside the building.  Please consider calling our office at 584-2081 or using our outdoor speaker system to communicate with our staff.


Parent/Teacher Conferences - Aug 27/Aug 28


The navigation change committee felt that providing parents an opportunity to visit with their child’s teacher before school began was going to be critical to starting this school year.  Your child’s teacher will be reaching out to you to schedule a virtual meeting so you can share information about your child and ask questions you and your child might have.  If you need an alternate time, please work with your child’s teacher to find a day and time that works for you.




By order of Governor Kelly, all students and staff will wear masks at all public and private schools.  Please send 2 masks with your child every day, one to wear and one to switch out during the day should it become dirty.  Our staff understands that wearing masks is new to our students and can become uncomfortable.  Teachers will work with students about wearing masks properly.


First Day of School - Tuesday, September 1


Nothing is more exciting and emotional than the first day of school.  Nobody has had to do that during a global pandemic until now.  We ask for your cooperation and understanding as we try to make it as positive as we can for all students.  


For all third, second, and first grade students, school will start at the normal time - 7:50 am.  The doors to the school will not unlock until 7:30.  Students will enter by themselves at the front door (door 1) unless they are bus riders.  They will have their temperature taken on their wrist and will be greeted by teachers.  Third and second grade students will be asked if they want to find their classroom on their own or if they want help.  Teachers will be waiting at their grade level hallway to welcome their students.  First grade students will be met by their last year’s Kindergarten teacher at the door and will be welcomed and shown their new first grade classroom.


For Kindergarten and Preschool students to ease the transition to school on Tuesday, September 1, only half the students will attend while the other half will only attend on Wednesday, September 2.  All Kindergarten and Preschool students will attend together starting Thursday, September 3, at 7:50.  Your teacher will communicate with you which of the first 2 days your child will attend.


Kindergarten - For the first 2 days (your child will only attend one) class will not start until 8:30 am.  Starting at 8:20 am the Kindergarten teachers will be out in the parking lot to meet with you and your child.  After all students have arrived, your child’s teacher will show your child how to enter the building, take their temperature and find their classroom.  Teachers are excited to teach students the routine and how to find their new classroom.  


Preschool - For the first 2 days (your child will only attend one) class will not start until 8:15 am.  Starting at 8:00 am the Preschool teachers will be out in the parking lot to meet with you and your child.  After all students have arrived, your child’s teacher will show your child how to enter the building, take their temperature, and find their classroom.  The Preschool classroom is closest to the main entrance to help students quickly and easily find their classroom while being monitored by their teacher.


School Supplies


We appreciate your help in sending school supplies with your child.  Instead of sending everything with your child on the first day we recommend sending a few things each day for the first week.  Please send items like pencils, erasers, crayons, folders, glue sticks, paper, etc. on the first day of school.  Wait to send wipes, storage bags, and additional sets of supplies until the second day of school, and finally, on the third day of school send Kleenex and other supplies.  




While the first week of dropoff and pickup will be very busy, please have patience and help each other to keep all students safe during this time.  Two options are available for you - either park and walk your child up to the front door or pull up in the loading zone and stay in your car while your child enters or exits from the passenger side of your car.  Pull up as far as possible and let your child out anywhere along the sidewalk.  This allows the line to move more quickly.  


Personal Contact


Sometimes students want and need a hug.  While our staff will never refuse a hug from any student, we will be providing other options for students to greet staff and other students without handshaking or physical contact.  




Our school handbook contains information that can answer many questions.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 584-2081.




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