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Haysville Teachers Visit Elementary West

Posted Date: 01/19/2022

Teachers and administrators from Haysville school district visited Elementary West today to learn more about our MTSS program. 

MTSS (i.e. Multi-Tiered System of Supports) has been used in schools for a long time, but as student learning changes so do the processes. Essentially, an MTSS program is able to identify very specific learning gaps a student has and target those gaps with evidenced-based instruction. 

Haysville Rex Elementary School Principal Laura Rogers heard what we were doing and wanted a closer look. She said, “We want to observe the MTSS process with a reading emphasis to see if it could work for our students.”

Clearwater students are in small groups - usually around five to seven students - with a teacher using engaging learning activities. Students’ progress is monitored every five days and small groups are put together to address the specific needs. 

“It’s exciting to see the improvements students are making. They are really proud of what they are achieving,” said Jaymee Brady, MTSS Instructional Specialist. “We are glad to get to share what we are doing here at Elementary West with other schools.”

Haysville teachers tour Elementary WestMrs. Rupe teaches students sitting on the carpetStudents work on rhyming words.